oceans eleven is on netflix so I'm finally watching it

A stranger shows up at Monads' door. "I'm looking for someone. They're queer, have ADHD, are extremely online, and interested in either programming or odd religious studies or both. There, that should narrow it down." The entirety of the instance slowly makes its way to the door.

white ppl love post malone to a worrying degree

shouts out to mastodon.lol teens for constantly referencing random ass loser youtubers to me like they're like someone everyone would know like actual celebs

don't look: its the ready player one man's cringy poem called nerd porn auteur 

@BadHorse413 that one Is just facts

what's there to about tonight? listen, when is there ever anything NOT to about, huh??

hate it when I'm in an important business meeting and the hoes keep playing footsie with me

the way we discovered ammonia and it's scientific properties is because alchemist dorks thought they could turn piss into gold because of its color. this is so deeply funny to me and I won't shut up about it.

guess I'll have to watch one of the numerous international editions

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