i personally love it that white game devs have more or less shrugged their shoulders and given up on modeling curly hair At All in games, even a half assed way. they're willing to let large swathes of humanity say: you are not present in this world.

white people love to criticize and even make fun of (wtf) the complicated relationship black men have to their hair and like, well you have people saying it simply doesnt belong in their ideal world because it's too much work, lol.

@georgespolitzer gw2 has some good curly hair options, but idk what ratio of white to non-white their dev team has going on

@georgespolitzer This actually sounds like an interesting dev problem.

Like, I have no idea how curly hair works, but I imagine bones or whatever is used for long strands of hair plus some simple-ish spring simulation might do the trick… 🤔

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