when they say "dumbass tankies you'll never have a revolution by convincing westerners their quality of living has to go down" they're explaining why the tech industry is so hostile to unionization from both workers and ownership, lol.

the majority of "americans" already live in third world conditions because "america" has many nations within it.

@georgespolitzer every time there's a "look how people live under communism!" meme it looks nicer than my neighborhood

@georgespolitzer I've heard leftists say "colonization always comes home." Imo, colonization begins at home

@InternetEh yeah look into the Marxist theory of internal colonies, it 100% applies to the US

@georgespolitzer I had a really good talk with a friend about internal colonization last week. I should read the actual theory sometime.

@georgespolitzer everyone in america lives in a 90k a year penthouse in san francisco

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