the church of mormon teaches that native americans are one of the lost tribe of israel and they were "cursed" with brown/red skin and if they accept christ and the teachings of joseph smith then their skin will gradually get whiter. fuck mormonism.

reading up on the church of mormonism's views on native americans provides a lot of clarity as to why the natives in the twilight saga are so fucked up

@georgespolitzer she's the WORST, that's it, i'm claiming i invented sparkling vampires now

@shade I think it's weird she even called them vampires, like they're not like any other vampire tradition aside from that they drink blood. when I read them in high school when they were current I found it to be a rip off of marvel zombies lol

@georgespolitzer omg true i never thought of that. that reminds me how they shoehorn in the wolves aren't really werewolves either lmao and i remember like, at the end of the last book i think? they talk about REAL werewolves are just like monsters basically

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