*awakes with a start* i should go to the ballet sometime

@georgespolitzer that and also idk if people know that adult beginner and intermediate classes are a thing

@hammerhead oh no i mean, see a ballet production sometime. there's a company in toledo. i'd need to lose like 60 pounds if i were to ever take dance lessons again

weight talk, ballet 

@georgespolitzer I knew what you meant! Just meant additionally lol.
There’s def not a weight limit, but mood cus I can’t lift my leg far enough behind me cus my ass is too thicc lmaoooo

weight talk, ballet 

@hammerhead lol no my problem is i get bad back pain if i stand up for more than 15 minutes, i need to love the weight but i have liver disease so its very hard to do so

weight talk, ballet 

@georgespolitzer def feel that, similar issues I’m just reckless and do shit I shouldn’t through severe spine and hip joint damage lolol

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