it was only a matter of time until i did one of these in sincerity. i mean like every other enemy you fight is militarized police, lol.

explaining the joke 

there was this album of like 50 of the stars of various tv shows and movies on facebook with antifa put on them. but like half of the people on there were explicitly fascist guys like walter white, lol. it was very funny.

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@georgespolitzer i like how lightning basically becomes a cop to support her sister alone, realizes the system is flawed, quits her cop job, and begins fighting the system she made the mistake of contributing to that whole time

@revolverocelot yeahhh! really btfos those change the system from the inside mfs

@georgespolitzer instead of getting defensive about it she scraps the fucking system she was part of once she realizes its shit and gangs up with antifa to destroy it to dust while protecting younger folk who are making a difference. bc of her a tween boy survives and invents fucking system of TIME TRAVEL eventually. she treats her comrades with respect once she warms up to them (except for the fuckboy who never deserves it.)

@revolverocelot she respects snow....she gets him to stop being so dry dick...

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