@georgespolitzer This borders are far to close to cultural borders. Euroeans would have ignored them completely.


To me, it seems that just as abuse follows down family lines, so does colonialism.

Europe's colonialism was a reflection of Rome's colonialism and thinking that behavior was a decent way to behave. Instead of "we want to be kinder than our abuser" it was always "we want to be bigger and more powerful than our abuser."

The loss of language, culture, and religion...Europe experienced all that hundreds of years before... and many still seem thankful for it.

@georgespolitzer no way they'd recognise Scotland and Wales separate autonomy though

@anarchiv if it's anything like the oklahoma panhandle (tornadoes) or florida (wild swamp people) then it'd be cool

@georgespolitzer maybe just rampant alcoholism and fascism, but you gotta work with what you have

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