a french person replied and said this looks depressing ????

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@bees was there not a red scare where you live? i was very surprised to learn a settler nation so close to the states could have the communist party field as many candidates for local election as yours does

@georgespolitzer obviously I'm too young to have lived thru it but I don't think there really was one from how my folks have talked about it

@georgespolitzer but obviously that could just be my corner of things, and living in the country's capital Otto probably skews it too

@bees @georgespolitzer just posting from recollection, but there were all kinds of dope Jewish-communist communities that were fairly self-deterimined (they had their own schools even!) in Quebec and there was a bit of a red scare that led to cops raiding these schools, arresting people for possessing certain literature, etc.

@foggy @bees yeah I know the asylum of eastern european nazi collaborators and sympathizers was done in part to disrupt the diasporas because they were stridently communist or at least left wing before 1945

@georgespolitzer @bees DOPE doc here, scanning the further readings makes me want to find a bunch more stuff cha-shc.ca/_uploads/5c38afba54

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