every cat I've owned has been able to tell when I'm in a depressive episode. I don't buy for a second when people say cats don't love you and aren't affectionate. your problem is thinking they're dogs instead of their own form of life.

@georgespolitzer A recent study showed cats do in fact love, and more deeply than dogs.

@georgespolitzer Our cats get upset when my boyfriend/their human dad isn't here. I'm here, they still get food, snacks, and affection. But they clearly want him specifically to be here too.

@georgespolitzer @socketwench i once cat-sat for a friend who was out of town for a week, and would start frantically meowing and brushung up to me whenever i came by for the day. I always felt so bad about leaving.

@georgespolitzer My cat meows all night if I ever leave for extended periods and definitely gets cuddlier when I'm depressive.

animal death 

@georgespolitzer Similarly anyone who's had multiple cats and seen one die knows that cats mourn.

animal death 

@ari that's right they miss their friends

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