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hey friends, I'm trying something new for me. I'm cutting back how much social media I use during my day so I can focus on my writing. I'm making a major push right now and it's already paying off. I'm also dealing with family stuff and a lot of irl stress I won't get into. I will be posting on my alt @Rico albeit much less frequently and mainly to talk to friends, and I'm gonna try and not post there while the sun is up. hope to see you all again soon with substantial progress on my book done.

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hey its rico! i'm on monads now. still the weirdo you grew to know and love over the past 2 years!

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As we rolled down the long and winding interstate in our '53 DeSota

my sister is playing borderlands 1 for the first time in her life?

super cursed type of guy who says "multiplayer and the core game play of borderlands SUCKS ASS but the tone ? the writing? molto bene!"

i loved playing shooters as a teen but i didn't like the competitive stuff. that's why i love rock and stone, its cooperative.

i think jaina and holly would have a blast playing deep rock galactic tbh.

ah, right, i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning...can't stay up TOO late being a shithead reading animorphs.

wherever matt is i hope he's having a nice day 👍

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@InternetEh at some point buying this nft is gonna be more expensive than doing a hostile takeover of the company and appointing yourself keeper of the tungsten cube room key

@georgespolitzer have you seen the video about the genius inventor being interviewed about his new shrinking machine, and it slowly becomes apparent that "oh you only ever used it on your dick? and the machine is disassembled now so i can't see it? and you only started telling people you invented it immediately after you were made fun of by the person you sent unsolicited dick pics to?"

@InternetEh I think everyone should just vote more and elect more Democrats and then everything will be better

@enlightenedferalboy really hoping for a wave of political {parodies} that see multiple leaders {having a nice time}

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