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hey its rico! i'm on monads now. still the weirdo you grew to know and love over the past 2 years!

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the cool thing about being me is that if there's a single drop of pee in the tank then I can't sleep

ever since learning about the labor theory of value I've started to value my time more

Inspiring myself for the day by browsing Youtube for "gamer poem" "furry poem" "wiccan poem" "libertarian poem" "death metal poem" "brony poem" "snowboard poem"

nice arctic circle... be a shame if someone were to piss on it

new facerig suggestions for flowless' catgirl awakening thread

If La Riva isn't on the ballot in your state, consider this candidate instead

I gather the children around the barrelfire and hold up the ceremonial An Ten Na. I begin reciting the legends of the ancient lost culture: The PeterLois, the Meg, the Chris (for whom I have named my son), the Merry Hounds and the Infant with the Mind of a Man

if you ever describe anything as "pro-democracy" you're a fake journalist

Two monks were watching a twink piss. One said to the other, “The twink is pissing.”
The other replied, “The piss is pissing.”
Huineng overheard this. He said, “Not the twink, not the piss; balls are pissing.”

watching party down with eleanor and jane lynch's character has huge @BestGirlGrace energy

Where would my conception of sexuality be, both my own and at large, without mads viande? Fuck if I know but I'm sure glad it's here and not there

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