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hey its rico! i'm on monads now. still the weirdo you grew to know and love over the past 2 years!

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my favorite part about fedi or fedi adjacent discords: person who speaks up for the first time in months specifically to yell at and scold everyone and get them to completely overhaul their behavior for dumbass reasons

theatrical clown work, request for help 

Several of you have met and/or read about my newest clown persona Chadwick. I've written out a request for help here:
or for those of you without a gemini browser; here's a webportal link:
The TL;DR is that if you have spare small men's clothes, please send them to me for use in shenanigans!

just a normal guy who expects fucking spinach to be a side at fast food

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got a targeted ad for an article from 2 years ago asking if the chicken sandwich would spell doom for literally the complete opposite happened. anyway this man was paid to make this comment.

do you think theres some one out there who has filtered "alice"

like your starting hand, what cards you get, what the enemy plays, all predetermined

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to unlock the starter decks in arena now you gotta fuckin, like do puzzles

it's cool how this arc has been about endeavor realizing just how fucking much he fucked up and having a rude awakening and then realizing there's literally nothing he can do to fix it

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todoroki said he's gotta be the one to take down dabi... the only one who can... god yes please this time it's personal

This is what zero sugar sprite does to a mf

magic arena really put a stealth 3 gig patch behind me logging in. like first there was 800 mb of patches and then it told me to log in, most games would be done patching by that point!

guy spent years gladhanding Reagan while a generation of gay and trans people died. man played up the anthrax hysteria for the bush admin (not even mentioned in this piece). now he’s the face of the worst public health failure in our lifetimes

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@georgespolitzer season 1 hair on frasier? that, my friends, is a bold choice...

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