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hey its rico! i'm on monads now. still the weirdo you grew to know and love over the past 2 years!

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selfie (boosts ok) 

been trying to soften up my look, I want my outside to match my inside

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@georgespolitzer Appalachian dude in prison for getting caught with heroin: This is good. To me, I like how much amerika spends on this. Its cool.

@KingBee here’s a picture of him falling asleep on my knee the other day :)

Streaming my first FF14 seshhhhh!

i hate steak umm twitter why did you people force me to search that out for myself

im like 95% sure the pictures the steak umm account is RTing of people eating steak umms are just professional cheesesteaks

the steak umms account should post evidence of the person running it having eaten steak umms if they want to keep up the bit.

idly thinking about the neoliberal apocalypse cult i made for my fantasia of mecha playtest

thinking about the massive effort it takes for NATO leadership’s psychological operations to maintain its massive propaganda effort against the legacy of USSR against no active opposition just the weight of real history. Thinking about how NATO’s oldest and richest member states probably spend more money per year fighting the propaganda war against USSR now than they ever did while USSR existed. softly Loling as I think about this

lmao, the mtg artist currently facing serious, credible accusations of tracing fanart when drawing the art for [[Crux of Fate|STA]] is behind the art for cards like

[[Duplication Device]]
[[Twisted Reflection]]
[[Wall of Stolen Identity]]

This seems to be the premise of a lot of written sci-fi on the topic: there’d be some publicized plan to try and preserve an elite-selected sliver of the human species and, barring some outsized result from an unforeseen cascade of events, the world would more or less accede. I wonder how much of that, though, is just a legacy of Western post-WWII Atomic Age fiction where great trust is put in the power of nerds to scientifically determine everything, including the moral necessity of mass deaths in the face of catastrophe, and where it’s also taken for granted that the world’s leaders, outside of a few corrupt “bad apples”, would follow whatever advice the nerds gave them.

Through Being Cool by Saves the Day is a fully solid emo album. sorry trolls!

White streamer i followed until just now launched into a ten minute meltdown because someone asked him if he's heard of the rap group "Kids see ghosts" and he was like "there's no proof of ghosts and anyone who claims to have seen one is a charlatan" lmao

aw hell yeah, i'm pogged out of my god damned mind as i see they replaced a statue of robert e. lee with a toilet in baltimore

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