hey yall, because the palestinian aid bundle only has like 40 android games, im gonna play all of them and give my impressions in this thread


it's a game where you guess whether or not a number is a prime number. it's more fun than i thought it'd be, but thats partially because the timer adds a bit of pressure and because my expect were very low. it feels like if they took wario ware and made it nerd shit

8 links 

a very fun endless puzzle game where you link tiles together. heres a screenshot. very fun game imo

a snake's tale 

a puzzle game where you move a snake from point A to point B. it feels like if Snakebird wasnt ridiculously hard (but only played like 5 of the levels, so maybe it gets way harder). it's an okay game, nothing great but not terrible

aarre safari ride 

you drive around, collect coconuts, and then break them open. would be ok if the screen didnt occasionally flash when you break open the coconuts. so far its my least favorite game in the bundle


it downloaded as a zip file with 2 .apk files, an .obb file, and 4 .bat files. i tried opening the .apk files and they both said something about the .obb file being missing. i couldnt figure out how to get it to work, but maybe later i can

block swap 

a puzzle game where you move blocks around and try to get them all connected to the blocks of the same color in as few moves as possible. there are 600 levels, ranging from 4x4 to 9x9. it's alright, not really my thing though

broccoli quest 

a short top-down adventure game where you're just trying to eat some broccoli. i beat it in about 5 minutes

catlandia: crisis at fort pawprint 

cat themed rpg. i don't really care for turn-based combat, so i quit playing the game after a few minutes. aside from that, the art style is alright and the controls were alright. not really much that i can complain about, it's just not my thing


it's a game meant to teach people basic programing. it feels like if they gave Scratch tutorials a fantasy theme and a story

dino run 

of the dino-themed endless runners that i've played, this one was my least favorite. you get five lives before losing, the whole game feels very slow, every jump is the same height, and there's no ducking. the only reason that this isn't my least favorite game in the bundle is because aarre safari ride literally hurt my eyes

dreamcatcher: reflections volume 1 

it's a visual novel. i don't really care for visual novels, so the only thing i can really say about it is that the dialogue text is readable, but the menu options are really small on a phone

eldritch acadamy 

yep, another visual novel. the dialogue is a bit less readable, but the menu options are a bit more readable

grow in the hole 

it's a 2d golf game where the ball grows with every putt, and shrinks twice with every hole. there are also a few different modes, like timed grow (grows every 15 seconds, 7.5 second delay for every hole). pretty fun game imo


it's a puzzle/tower defense game. you line up blocks to make big blocks, and then those blocks can either be towers or special abilities. it's neat


the game's description of "2d watercolor fish simulation" is surprisingly accurate. you just gotta eat flies that land on the water while avoiding the big fish that can eat you. the controls are kinda neat, you tap the left side of the screen to flap left, and the right side to flap right, so you gotta alternate to go forward. it's actually a lot nicer than it sounds

keep moving forward 

an endless game where you move tracks around to keep a train moving forward. it's pretty fun imo

lesbian mothman hunters 

visual novel about lesbian mothman hunters

math labyrinth 

there are three doors, each with a number. you talk to the person in the middle of the room, and they will give you a simple math problem, and the result is the door that you need to go through. it took me like 2 minutes to beat


a pretty fun puzzle game. the description on says that it's also a rhythm game too, but i didn't have the volume on when i played it this morning so idk. im definitely gonna keep playing this one

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oh god oh fuck i noticed a typo but it's too late now

overall, my favorite games were 8 links, grow in the hole, keep moving forward, micron, minefinitum, pipo's on the run, and switch n shoot

re: dino run 

@geet i was gonna get mad until i realized there's like 17 different games on itch called "dino run" and the one I used to play as a kid, Pixeljam's Dino Run DX, isn't in the bundle.

I wonder if the version of Dino Run I bought was DX or not, and if I could still find the purchase info somewhere.

re: dino run 

@sunsetmoth i was actually really excited to play dino run until i realized that it wasn't the pixeljam one, because that one is epic

@geet oh dang I didn't realize that many were there, gonna have to go grab em

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