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good morning i hope no one was a piece of shit while i was asleep

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pitching my movie Communist Accountant to hollywood later today, wish me luck

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and by "the pro life party" i of course mean both parties, because democrats only care about abortion as a cudgel to make people vote for them and the biden administration has done nothing meaningful to stop or atone for the atrocities at the border

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reminder that the "pro life" party did (probably still does) forced sterilization on refugees at the southern border

i pledge allegiance to the xbox of the gamers of america, and to the controller for which it stands, one nation under halo, indivisible, with mountain dew and doritos for all

@zorotl @geet @gonzo @mitsubushi whats more gay, the explicitly gay cowboy hat or the homosexual little bow tie

z and em are going to get me to green out then leave me in portland's "The Florida" district and do a truman show thing and see how long it takes me to notice

oh, you need to pick something up? very ska-pilled of you

one covid symptom that people dont really talk about is that now my muscles are incredibly huge and i can lift big things without breaking a sweat

you heard of kris kristoferson?,

im piss pissed on person

@geet versus the gigachad "moving to LA to be a recurring guest on cbb"

the virgin "moving to LA to be an actor" vs the chad "moving to LA to be chris dorner 2"

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