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poaching users from for my fantasy football draft Jalopy time!! Давай!!!

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folks I'm so sorry, I was simping for boy's all September. please find it in your hearts to forgive me

DM: psst, it’s time to leave for another instance! consider or instead

writing a strongly worded letter to charlie chaplin informing him that i have a problem with "The Great Dictator" cause fascism isn't funny even if you're being ironic 😤

when a plural system takes a poll you call that

what is boosts and faves if not just simp tributes

GoFundMe for funeral expenses (boosts please) 

A comrade in my networks lost their cousin. Please please donate and /or boost

no simp september is complete, it is now safe to simp

sorry all, im trying to grow my Snapchat now, i've been taking a lot of thotty selfies

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