just saw an amazon return at work where a chair got returned because the users genitals would hurt when sitting in the chair. i too have fat nuts and i empathize


i instantly called everyone over to my workstation i have been riffing on this for the past hour. irl shitposting

we went to the showroom with a tape measure and reasoned this lady's husband is endowed with a girthy meat tube

if i see this screenshot on twitter i am going to dropkick one of you and take all the money from your wallet

@geesehoward finally, a nonbinary chair to destroy my nuts with

@katarzyna @geesehoward this affront, this veritable nut-crushing abomination, can surely not be the work of a merciful creator

@geesehoward wait someone gets to read those? holy shit im gonna try filling these out more with some good shit for warehouse employees

@geesehoward no way they didn't put him on the chair a second time just to be sure, right?

@geesehoward re:recent return
sorry about your husband's huge dick

@geesehoward so that's where my cock and ball torture chair got shipped to, postal service has been insisting for months they delivered it

@geesehoward sucks when you don't get to enjoy that common family activity, "putting my husband on a chair"

@geesehoward MF Doom voice
sit ya butt down
split ya nuts, frown
for whom's derriere
did they make this, chair

@transclosure @geesehoward [chopped up sample from like dick tracey or something] Ow!! My... Nu-ts!!

@geesehoward Never send to know for whomst nuts the chair crushes; it crushes for thee

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