i would love the state to assign me housing. if you have ever been apartment hunting and disagree you arent real

if you disagree you are literally a caricature of a person. not real in the slightest

@geesehoward if the government tried to assign me a worse apartment than the landlords are offering in my price range they would fail

@geesehoward I'm in state-assigned housing and while I'm glad to have it, I'm also looking forward to when I'm able to go apartment hunting and pick something that suits my needs and not the states.

@kline wow in america landlord parasites charge you for the privilege of just being considered to live in their ill kept poorly maintained properties and people line up to do these activities, (because they would be homeless otherwise)

@geesehoward there are middle grounds of course. Scotland has strong tenant protection laws, arbitrary eviction is illegal, independent deposit schemes mean that you really do get back what deposit isn't needed to repair anything you caused above wear and tear.
And specifically application admin fees are illegal, since you mentioned it.
You can reach for this good deal without requiring state housing, though there's no denying it's a handy backstop.

@geesehoward here's an example of laws and protections surrounding fees, and these do actually work in practice:

it's probably much easier to campaign for these and move the needle slowly, over time, than seek big-bang change all the way up to state housing.

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