@goat yeah, the revolver is from immersive engineering

@geesehoward I love that mod! Probably one of my faves. Mostly because of the wiring system

@goat i've been trying it out for a bit but im kind of annoyed at how hard it is to get power started, the generator running off bio diesel is so... so humgry for fuel

@goat i basically bounced off it but i still want to make some of the bigger machines like the assembler and press

@geesehoward iirc I just used the windmills for the longest time. I eventually set up the generator with an automatic system for making biofuel

@geesehoward @goat im pretty sure doing wind power is a lot more efficient in immersive engineering

@ItsMorgan @geesehoward tbh I normally end up using some reactor mod to power my shit bcs I'm a slut for Applied Energistics which just eats power

@goat @geesehoward im basically the opposite basically the only things i use power for are the seed growing thing, the electric furnace thing and maybe some ore processing stuff

@ItsMorgan @geesehoward yeah but not having to sort chests and just having everything everywhere? Also I love the aesthetic of having a massive server farm

@goat @geesehoward fair point i just really love sorting chests and making big warehouses

@goat @ItsMorgan @geesehoward i Love making big storage vaults, especially with a redstone sorting system

i also loved one mod i played (can't remember which) that had colour-coded backpacks and ender chests so u could access ur chest inventory while out and about, it was so fuckin neat

@seafrog @goat @ItsMorgan @geesehoward ender storage, is the one, also rftools has a chest scanner so you can still just access all your shit centrally when building big sorters

@a_rock @seafrog @goat @ItsMorgan after all my years of playing minecraft i finally tried out refined storage and i am never going back to anything else lol

@geesehoward @seafrog @goat @ItsMorgan the autocrafting FUCKS, you should also get into the flux mod

@geesehoward @seafrog @goat @ItsMorgan also, using the compression drawers from storage drawers with your iron and stuff, gives you access to your iron and such in bar, nugget and block form

@geesehoward @seafrog @goat @ItsMorgan make a resource wall, hook it up to a drawer controller, put the external storage thingy into your refined storage network

@ItsMorgan @goat really? i made like 5 windmills and it took forever to grow the hemp to make the sails

and it made shit power lol

i think the 3 waterwheels made a lot more while using less space

i dunno, i wish they would just make the machines use up less power or something.

@geesehoward @goat i guess it depends on what you're using it for. maybe im just too minimalistic with my power use

@ItsMorgan @goat thats true, i was basically building some of the bigger machines right away because i like the multiblock structures

first thing i built was the crusher because it apparently can kill you if you fall into the top of it lmao

@geesehoward @ItsMorgan might be an airflow thing? You've got to build them pretty high up iirc

@goat @geesehoward the villagers you can get from it are super busted as well

@goat @geesehoward like you can get them with:
8 sticks > one emerald
one emerald > 10 planks

@geesehoward oh now i understand the post. im gonna go back and reblog it

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