Huevo Seco got some fly new threads. Showing off some abs too

yeah, i parked my steed WILDTHANG right next to the bitches. She likes it there

i guess the shit i like about BDO is that doing tedious bullshit is kinda fun. im grinding up wheat I grew into flour so i can cook up all this fish im catching right now

i like that the game kind of accepts no one wants to look at this shit so they make it really easy to walk away from your computer while shit is being handled, like the autopathing stuff and workers and what not

this is the kind of shit that is hit or miss with me on MMOs. like if they aren't going to be respectful of your time then its not really interesting to play

like hand gathering 2 pieces of some item in Guild Wars 2 by finding the node over and over in a large map vs just like planting the crop you want in a garden plot and waiting an hour to get a fat stack of it based on plant conditions and irrigation..

its actually not engaging me more to make me walk around a map full of random stuff to collect scraps of something i need vs just like..doing the farming minigame in BDO

@geesehoward yeah like the thing that keeps me in BDO is the fact that it can be as much or as little of an idle game as i want.

and every time i do some dry dick infrastructure or alchemy research i discover a new cool fact about the game world, like what truffle mushrooms are used for and why they're so rare and expensive

@geesehoward also every mmo has alchemy. but not every mmo obfuscates and organizes information in exactly the right way to let me unironically say "i did alchemy research this weekend"

@galaxgal yeah, just from like playing last night and this morning, i learned a bit of the game world while trying to figure out how to do some game shit and i feel like they handle this aspect really well

@geesehoward yeah like everything about the game world feels weirdly consistent. like i can literally tell people about in-game trade routes because the geography is straight up designed around that aspect

@geesehoward also the auction house prices are literally price-fixed by the developers. so bdo is tankie now

@geesehoward hell yeah. BDO's marketplace is actually a pretty interesting study into planned economies, since there's areas where it's absolutely fucked and other areas that encourage really weird behavior

@geesehoward but other parts Just Work and manage to make the game not feel like an impossible hellscape to climb

@galaxgal @geesehoward Still BS it didn't isekai us, this shit is EXACTLY why it could've

@kara @swiff @geesehoward hell yeah lemme know if you have questions. and Don't try to become an alchemist, you will live a longer life

@geesehoward any game with a world larger and more unified than "every level is its own instance behind a loading screen" should have a "autopath to destination" button.

It doesn't need to get me there the QUICKEST route, but it must get me there. It would only be an improvement to have that as an option.

(Locales that are explicitly supposed to be labyrinths are excused, but already on thin ice regardless for being what they are)

@geesehoward "I shred, therefore I am," -Huevo Seco, Compilation IVX

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