when flowless plays grapplers he is like no one i have ever played because he doesnt mainly use the grapple moves, he will throw one in when you least expect it to completely break your mind

me: my defense is strong as fuck. i will never get opened up


me: *mind broken*


@dankwraith pot busters are like a fine wine. opened rarely and savored carefully

@dankwraith i havent really played since the other night but it looks very possible, theres not too many times im at 100% tension to do it tho

@dankwraith oh nah i was just thinking if you get a counter off you would probably need to hit an RC to do the follow up in time, but honestly it should be doable to get someone with it off a counter because there is no more air teching in this game

@geesehoward yeah there's that one pot counter hit that launches straight up and you get the air grab

@dankwraith is that his crouching HS? that shit has mad recovery frames

@geesehoward i thought i saw you get the air grab without needing to RC but maybe i'm wrong

@dankwraith yeah i think i did do it once, its just 2HS is such a gamble lol if that whiffs you are going to eat so much shit so i dont really fish for those

@dankwraith i saw someone anti airing with potemkin 5P , hit confirming into 2 more 5P and then doing the air grab attack, that might work with the super

@dankwraith they are going to nerf the shit out of him all the high level players have been complaining about pot

@geesehoward honestly i think if they nerfed his jump in range slightly he would be completely fair

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