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gonna have a normal one

no one is gonna be weird at me

not gonna cum

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dont send me feet pics send me hot crypto stock tips

i may have bought a cheap galaxy lamp knockoff at target and i may have dazzled myself with the green laser just a little bit 😬​

❌ dont send feet pics

✅ do send twinkling titanite

you know its hard out here for a simp
when youre trying to get this money so you can simp

Streamer discord drama update: reactions are disabled in the discussion channel because someone reacted to the streamer with an emote where farquaad is pointing at someone and calling them white

my beer warmer broke and now I’ve got to drink cold beers :/

this beer tastes like ass when it's warm and flat

sf alpha 3 end theme song plays as i hang my nuts on the mantle after a long day of posting

what's a chad to a simp / what's a simp to a thot / what's a thot to a nonbeliever / who don't believe in / anything

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