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do you think i can't handle that wagon? do you think i will crumble due to my lithe design?

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:souls_t:​ :souls_h:​ :souls_e:​
:souls_b:​ :souls_l:​ :souls_u:​ :souls_n:​ :souls_t:​
:souls_h:​ :souls_a:​ :souls_s:​
:souls_b:​ :souls_e:​ :souls_e:​ :souls_n:​
:souls_l:​ :souls_i:​ :souls_t:​

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Flowless :andknuckles_1:​
:andknuckles_2:​:andknuckles_3:​:andknuckles_4:​:andknuckles_5:​:andknuckles_6: :andknuckles_7:​ :andknuckles_8:​

selfie (boosts ok) 

been trying to soften up my look, I want my outside to match my inside

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made a goofball sign to take up space on our sandwich board in between specials

im gonna shove this dried corn cob up my ass for research purposes

you know how sometimes people who can for neurological reasons no longer speak well sometimes can say what they mean by singing? in this paper i propose a third primary neurological pathway for language: Posting

does anyone care when military people die i don't

i don’t need sleep for i have power of defiance and bitterness

@geesehoward lmao “wipe” like that’s all we were doin’ with them 👀

Americans used to use dried corn cobs to wipe their asses and that tells you everything you need to know about this awful place

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