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Medieval "friendship" poem 

This poem was written by the French bishop and writer Baldric of Dol (d. 1130) "To The One Named Walter", whose identity is uncertain but who may have been the man who copied Baldric's poems in manuscript. In this poem, he asks Walter to become a monk so that they can live together.

My translation:

When we are separated, may we be brought together by our letters to each other:
May today's letter from me to you again bring me closer to you;
May my letter tell you and tell you again "be well"
And, to please you even more, may it tell you a third time.
I have recently received the honey of your poem, Walter,
You wrote it yourself, you touched if with your hand.
I welcomed this poem with all the kindness it was owed,
And I soon enrolled it under the banner of my love.
My joyful poem comes to visit you in return,
And implore you on my behalf to shelter me under the wing of your love.

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broadly speaking you can put every work in the philosophy of language into one of two camps -- there's the guys who are blackpilled and the guys who are simply posting their copes

the nonhuman agent thing i 100% see how thats new and i think thats cool. but the rest of it just sounds like their presenting "structures dont exist outside of practices" like nobody's ever thought of it before

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can someone explain to me how Actor Network Theory isn't just giddens's structuration theory but way more obnoxious

*totally understands latour voice* so basically, everyone is valid

people will get pissed at me for saying it, but keeping in the abbreviations when transcribing a manuscript is so fucking cringe

have they finally shut down .social or was my account simply banned

back at work and once again i am fucking raging. why the fuck did this manuscript change classmark 3 fucking times FUCK

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Okay I'm only making it a 2021 resolution because it was a resolution this year and I failed.

Black Skin White Masks by Fanon. More recent english translation because I know like 50 words in French.

(Seriously I have it on good @garfield authority that it's better in French, so read it in French if you know French.)

Also hint hint: people often organize reading groups around it by offering free copies. This is how I got my copy, a campus readalong. Not saying to be picky, but make sure it's not the oldest and worst translation.

attention seeking cousin turned himself into a wojack before dinner 🙄

those texts aren't any better or more sophisticated for it though. in fact, when people ask me about the texts that take up most of my brain space (De Planctu Naturae, Le Roman de la Rose) i nearly always advise them not to read them because it might ruin their lives

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its something ive been experiencing as ive gotten more freedom to work on a wider range of texts and to choose which ones i pay closer attention to. some truly brilliant poems i can identify what they're doing, outline their contradictions, and show their relevance to my argument in a single paragraph. whereas other, sometimes worse poems feel much stickier, and i end up working on them for weeks without finding a conclusive answer to their problems

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I used to think all texts were susceptible to critical examination in the same way, as a radical uprooting of the high/low culture dichotomy. but ive increasingly come to recognise that there are definitely texts that pose a greater challenge to the critic, and invite a different kind of attention -- although these are neither "good", nor "canonical", nor "high culture" for it

@garfield I am coming to agree more and more, I definitely developed a bit of a resistance to him over the years. But I was going back to him after getting through Hegel's encyclopedia Logic and revisiting the Phenomenogy which made me appreciate him a bit more in restrospect!

@garfield lol welp, this is funny but it was Sartre's Being and Nothingness. Though a particular passion kicked when I started going thru Frantz Fanon!

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