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broadly speaking you can put every work in the philosophy of language into one of two camps -- there's the guys who are blackpilled and the guys who are simply posting their copes

a dom is someone who subs for domming. a sub is someone who doms being a sub

- hegel

@garfield you know what i mean? (points to audience member) they know what i mean. right? right?? well that's all i have for tonight. have a safe drive!

urgh. i could actually write this paper and make $$$ off of the instant success. it's a burden being this brilliant

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no two ways about it. Abelard was queering aristotelian logic

visual art is pure wasto shit and not to mention meaningless garbage and a waste of time, way worse that speaking and writing. a word is worth a thousand pictures

@garfield i think this comes dangerously close to infringing on my brand. we'll have to bring it to the posters' council

*glimpses news headline on the phone of a passenger in a moving bus across the road* huh, well it seems to me like the latest pivot from the call of duty demsocs is nothing short of cringepilled

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latest new bit for this account could be to drop the cautious rigour act and just post my takes about every single thing

today, i will once and for all draw the line where politics ends and everything else begins. then, im going to count the corners of my circular room

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