(inversely, i am reminded of the title of castro’s speech, “history will absolve me”)

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actually people should be afraid that their actions will be viewed differently in the future! they should not be shielded from the consequences of that!

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gotta get on a bus and shit. this is fucked up.

lmao apparently we have had a string of golf cart thefts on campus

I am going to go for a drive. BUT as previously mentioned, people are incapable of communicating simple numbers and locations to me, so I will have to stay in this general area for the next few hours

Never fall in love because you will pay the price for it long after the good parts are over

It rocks that the guilt tripping from my family is this intense and they do not even know I dated a non Jewish girl I mean it would ratchet up to unseen levels

hate when im celebrating my promotion and i see the ghost of my best friend who i betrayed and killed and everybody stares at me when i try to stab it with my sword.

have men asked me to hold the key to their cock cages before? I'll never tell~

did I agree? no. who the fuck messages somebody for the very first time to say "you're beautiful, would you like to be my keyholder"

They’re playing In The Air Tonight on the radio just like Miami Vice!

If I tell you “let me know what time to pick you up and where you’ll be” the last response I could EVER want is “Got it.”

You are soooo immature at age 20 it’s not like being 21 at all

It rocks how I don’t regret anything I’ve ever done in my entire life with one exception

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