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i’m the jewish version of a black character written by a white writer on a tv drama between like 1997-2003

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shoutout to meadows boyfriend saying iM nOt LiKe mOsT gUyS and then doing the exact Most Guys™️ cliche thing you could do

@Em @galaxybrain @zorotl @pyxis avoiding spoilers while i think this might be the worst thing he does,

starting from him hitting georgie in the face begins a pattern of behavior that continues on from here. this is just who he is. bad hair and all.

@Em @galaxybrain @zorotl @pyxis i think it was because while what happened to melfi was horrifying and intense,

what ralphie did was so matter of fact and he didn't feel any remorse. as horrible as it is, it's just ralphie and at this point the viewer wouldn't understand how this reflects on events later in the series.

@KingBee @galaxybrain @zorotl @pyxis i mean that's fair, i just think if anything was gonna do it, it might have been the whole thing that happened with melfi...

@Cyborgneticz i have to check on which one i read let me get back to you. however off rhe top of my head it doesn’t make a difference because equally important to the study of talmud/torah is the discussion and discourse over it so i would say find a group of people you can discuss it with as well

@galaxybrain @zorotl @Em @pyxis did u know a shit ton of ppl cancelled hbo after that episode initially aired

@pyxis @galaxybrain @Em yeah the contrast between meadow’s experiences as a young woman and the brutal abuse of women that her father does and puts up with to support her was really effective

@galaxybrain @Em @pyxis lmao “yes it’s going fine” while earlier in the episode she was sleeping alone while tony was at bada bing’s


@zorotl @galaxybrain @pyxis ralphie is a little italian fuckin' chucky come to life

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