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They said I was the joebombination of Joe Biden’s nation

@galaxybrain the entire region of New England? you’re over sis. serving up your cancellation the ocky way.

when Jordan peterson's daughter dated that Russian nationalist/Tankie hybrid a bunch of the worst socialist men were like. "so you're saying, there's a chance?"

Can’t believe TikTok and Twitter got a guy fired for correctly pointing out that New York sucks.

one of the takes i've developed after working in the field of movie magic is that parks and rec "cheats" too much. way more than any other mockumentary! some of those camera people would be in each others shots, and theres no way they could get like 3 setups in some of those rooms

a fun fact about white people is living life being treated as white inoculates you in such a way that they psychologicslly (there's studies on this) have trouble empathizing with and even like, imagining what life is like, for someone who isn't exactly like them.

I put way too much mousse in my hair yesterday so I have to wash it again today smh

*down bad voice* dont listen to the trolls queen, they're just jealous of how beautiful and funny you are, and they're sucka MCs

*sees freakonomics guys extol the virtues of abortions for poor people as a eugenics measure and say that poor people inevitably grow up to be criminals* wow I'm gonna take this at face value!!!!

I've come to be viscerally upset by the phrase "fresher than fresh" because Kroger runs all these ads about undercover store inspectors they employ when food isn't like, immediately off the truck and they throw it out. like that's so much labor and food wasted lol

The "Smoke The Whole Pack" Approach To Productivity: How To Work Until You Vomit (#3 NYT Bestseller, 56th on the Amazon chart for "Business")

(being shown a video of his wife fucking another man) 'why would i want to see this. turn it off'

'i could stab him in the nut'

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7 minutes into barry so1e01 and i can see why you like this so much

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