i could holler for ages about how compelling the agnosticism of the nerevarine prophecy is to me

it's interesting to me that the gods and the magic are real, but the prophecy itself -- does not make you, the player character fated per se

nor is the prophecy fake. the words of the prophecy combined with your actions make you the nerevarine

i think this is a thing even my earlier adult thoughts on the storyline didn't grasp.

the events can, in theory, play out without the prophecy. the prophecy can, in theory, exist without the events, and merely be a story

the fact that you act out the prophecy not through divine obligation, but your own will, does not make the prophecy fake or meaningless, because without the prophecy you would just have a Hero Who Did Some Helpful But Unconnected Things


anyway. morrowind is very cool, and it's a work I can continually visit and feel i get a deeper understanding from, and it's very cool that game worlds can do this

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