Hey fediverse, how fucking hard is "let's defer to black people on issues of racism against black people"

I legit don't understand how an entire network founded by and still culturally flooded with white trans girls and nb people don't understand that being talked down to about a part of your identity, a part of your life, a part of HOW YOU WERE MADE AND ARE fucking sucks and can't extrapolate that into some basic fucking empathy for black people.

Have you just managed to fucking insulate yourselves from anything resembling a painful experience so damn thoroughly?

Anyway since this is blowing up:


@galaxgal I mean, for white folks? those of us who can't keep our damn noses out of other peoples' business and those others of us who can't be bothered to call them on their shit?

it's near impossible. I tell you with no sarcasm and absolutely honesty - for damn near 90% of us it's impossible.

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