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it would destroy the inevitable goku vs piccolo matchup

next time: tao vs ten. super excited to watch this

"What are they doing" why, oolong, they're saving on the animation budget

i wonder how tenshinhan's arc is going to develop as the tournament goes on tho. that seemed like a really unsatisfying conclusion to all the crane hermit stuff

"what's a bride?"

goku continues to be a goofball

also chi chi could absolutely hand ass to people, god damn

what the fuck? how come we never get to see goku punch the air like that again?

pretty sure this is the only time this ever happens

i love how piccolo uses the cape against krillin here

having your attacks look like clumsiness is wild

the fights epic but i gotta go to bed, so next time we'll start with the fight in earnest

and we're back. i'm getting rather tired of doing live commentary because i don't really have much of anything interesting to say tbh

goku is absolutely toying with tenshinhan right now. ten is going all out and breathing super heavy while goku is just chill and relaxed

clever of them to put the ad break just as goku is knocked out after getting hit by ten's eye beams

goku vs tenshinhan was pretty good, but not as good as the last one

i think next is shen vs piccolo, then the main event: goku vs piccolo. sgonna be good

it's actually a little disappointing that tenshinhan's character note and development was sidelined for vegeta to get the role as "always trying to surpass goku". i think it would be neat to have a way to stretch the limits of mortal endurance vs goku's basically insane limits as a saiyan in the forthcoming z

"How much more amazing can Goku possibly get?"

-Krillin, before Goku even learns the kaioken

piccolo vs shen is gonna be intense with this kinda buildup

fuck dude, this fight is the highest display of raw power yet. what the fuck

also i actually kinda like how gravity is still a thing despite flight becoming more common when fighting, which is something that basically disappears in z

god damn, if thats how a one episode plot relevant fight went, goku vs piccolo is going to be wild

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