I don't know, my relationship to this stuff is deeply personal and goes back over a decade, but I'm more involved with a temple than I ever have been. L.A. especially is cool because there are older Latino dudes who actually represent this city, but they're still grossly outnumbered by white folks from every white 'burb at the edges of the county. It sucks.

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Part of that is literally the lineage and history of who got involved with the Zen buddhists in particular, especially out here on the west coast, when they first got here. Temples needed patrons and flower children with trust funds ate this stuff up without needing any other context, if we're being honest. That line of people never died off, it has the deepest roots, so it makes sense that those are the kind of people who are predominant.

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Being a white buddhist is pretty weird. When I sit through meetings with other people at the temple I'm currently involved with, it's 80% white people who look like they're retired and most of them seem wealthy.

I've been at other gatherings where it's "only" like 70%, and there are some people my age who are queer or Latinx (I've never seen a Black person, it's pretty fucked up) and we actually talk about racism and stuff but... I don't know, it's frustrating.

Bruce Lee: The Greatest Hits watching update: just watched The Big Boss. Better than I remembered, and I remembered liking it.

First day with the kettlebell went well, I am jelly since being away from the gym so long so I took my sweet ass time. I can manage all the basics, except I can't press with my left arm, that shit is too heavy lol

Positive learning environments with people supporting each other even though something is sort of massively intellectually daunting are the SHIT.

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We also agreed to analyze our games in this tourney, so we spwnt longer analyzing than playing, which was cool.

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Lost my shogi tournament game but it was a good game that I had several opportunities to win. Happily made someone chase me around the board for 130 moves lmao

Dank didn't mention that I was going to have to spend 10 hours making jerseys in this game

Downloading super mega baseball 3. Who knows how far I'll get because one of PS4's free games this month was NBA2k20, but I've had my fill of real life pro sports, I think.

When was the last time a bit cost you three redrafts because of fucking typos

Fun fact: "basura" means "garbage" in Spanish, but in Japanese "バスラ" means "recently-shaved sheep who frequents fish markets but rarely buys anything."

If anybody wants a jumanji.io jabber account for some reason lmk, I'll open registration lol

ok yeah, foggy@jumanji.io hit me up on jabber (or add/re-add me because I bombed my old server). I think it's working (I'm testing ejabberd embedded in Elixir so I can get used to it for another project)

any xmpp humans, when you get a chance, ping me on foggy@jumanji.io, I have some mad science happening and I have no idea if this server works

psh, so many kids have monads accounts these days. you all take it all for granted, your nine men's morris and your dick and balls.

monads local blowing up, has me wondering who among us will be cancelled first

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