does anyone else think the new monads notification sound looks like this

friends post any of the good “which kind of mutual am i” charts and i will respond for you

the blandest food imaginable 

anyone... kinda like flavored rice cakes 😳

where’d you get that shell koopa, T.J. Maxx?

take three deep breaths my sweet bean

i don’t really blame anyone who dislikes .social


not gonna yell people because they pick particular “words” to use though, but obviously the idea that someone is trying to express is fair game for criticism

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my Opinion is that hardly anyone knows what they’re talking about when they use the word “ableist,” but there are probably other talking points of joyless scolds that you could focus on

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i don’t tell people what words to use, but i don’t think you can get away from the fact that “smooth-brained” etc—despite lacking the extra-nasty historical character of “retarded”—gets at the same concept, the idea that someone who is mentally deficient deserves to be mocked for it. i am well aware that no human brains end up “smooth.” but because we are capable of interpreting language beyond its literal meaning, to say that someone’s brain is “smooth” is to say that it is deformed

if i were narrating the events of the universe i’d probably have to say something like “...and then in September 2020, the world is introduced to a cultural phenomenon known as ‘fat bear week.’ Yes, the focus is on actual bears this time”

to know if a game is worth my time i simply have to ask: is it as fun as [mario equivalent]?

i went on a depressing kick of reading books that center around the topic of conversion therapy recently. maybe i should pick something lighter for my next binge

caring only about the way a universal medium of culture impacts my tiny, egocentric soul is a very me thing to do. also i’d say the country i live in tacitly encourages this line of thinking. really i didn’t even write that post—george bush did

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books are great. i don’t read anymore because of [various personality & character flaws] but they have stirred important & genuine emotions within me... and we’re in a virtual space so you can’t dunk my head in the toilet for saying this

hugging a pillow and staring out the window at 1 PM

jospeh biden is the folk punk candidate

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