No no I'm fully on board with Kingdom Hearts and the Soulsborne games being compared and contrasted. The similarities in terms of storytelling are actually very interesting. Specifically the main character that you control being lied to continually about your role and importance, and your actual role as a patsy meant to burn yourself up for someone else

@diogenes the problem with Kingdom Hearts is that because it's Disney properties, about half of the Shitty Manipulative Adult Mentor Figures are arbitrarily designated as "the good guys" and it'll either never be acknowledged that what they did to children and asked children to do was fucked up or there'll be one vague apology followed by instant forgiveness

major spoilers for Chain of Memories 

@diogenes an interesting fact about the early story beats of Riku's route in CoM is that you meet a bunch of shitty adults who have manipulated and abused him, who are all villains. and Michael Mouse! who did the same thing but like, heroically

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