This influx of people from India makes me realize I'm not well read enough on Indian philosophers to properly dunk on them. Time to do some reading.

Look out Ramanuja, Diogenes is coming for you

Wow Leucippus, "perhaps things are made of other things." Startling insight. How long did it take you to think that one up?

Emulating the saints by climbing a streetlight and refusing to come down

"Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made."
-Kant, on why there is no straight pride parade.

Becoming a Max Stirner truther. Going all-in on the theory that he never existed and was created by Engels so the Young Hegelians would have someone to dunk on.

Jazz is a lot like philosophy, in that both are filled with pretentious jackasses who think obtuse is the same as smart. And also I hate them but cannot escape them because I guess I enjoy my anger.

Also because Giant Steps bops.

If I wasn't Diogenes, I would simpley also wish to be Diogenes

I don't believe in intellectual property except when I'm owning people online with my giant intellect

Marcus Aurelius you knob. Of course we were made to stay comfy under the blankets and sleep. It's called bring a mammal you twat.

Have decided that anything I don't like is a monad.

Loneliness? Monad.
Being tired? Monad.
Philosophy? Double monad.

Eponymous A.R.C.H.O.N. and the thesmothetai was the biggest rap group of 683 BCE

Becoming a strict vegan to slowly fade from God's sight, leaving me free to enact my satanic plot

Speedrunning civilization by declaring my own mediocre work the pinnacle of human achievement then antagonizing people by calling them barbarians until they kill me.

Honestly why are we still discussing philosophy and non-philosophy when Dr. Gene Ray, originator of the Time Cube™ figured it all out in 1994?

After exhaustive research, I have created a flow chart showing the progression of philosophy over the last 3000 years.

I will hand it to Socrates for inventing my favourite Whose Line game, Questions Only.

One time while we were both on acid I convinced Descartes that nothing was real and I was a demon.

western philosophy is just two thousand years worth of white men saying the same things over and over again in increasingly bewildering ways

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