Block evasion by default is a bad thing in pleroma but it is also a wild oversight by the mastodon devs that blocks rely on the person being blocked agreeing to it

Saw a guardian article where the author pissed himself in fear of China being allowed to exist without the consent of the US

I miss the days before covid when I could safely go to the local saloon, step inside, then immediately exit the same door now wearing only a barrel held up by suspenders.

Pfeh, you think this is *my* piss? There are powers afoot here you have no idea about.

Gigantic brain stance of "if we alleviate any suffering at all then people will be less motivated for the revolution"

Gonna start rating interactions on here

"Called me a bithc and posted a purple gradient which when clicked turned into an image of a nude thanos hanging dong at me"

Warhammer 40k has to go so hard to try to make catholicism more over-the-top and they kind of fail

Weird how since the dawn of time all human religions have been pretty much identical to the single religion I have any real experience with.

Anachrocommunism, seizing the means of timetravel

Why is it called post-left when you of in the slurs shill of out the transphobia

Why don't you Jupiter Ascend up these steps to give me a hug and a peck on the cheek

descartes: i will use pure logic to prove the existence of god, the soul, and the external world from first principles

me: shut the fuck up. clown ass bitch. i'll slam dunk you

spinoza: i will use pure logic to prove the existence of god, the soul, and the external world from first principles

me: thank you sir o7

Cinemasins are analytic philosophers because they try to apply logic to zombies, the two things analytic philosophy deals with.

*trying to introduce philosophy to a nice friend, wanting to shw how approachable and fun i think it is* well the first thing you should know if theres continental and there *i start sweating nervously* analytic philosoph- *i rip my clothes off and go beast mode, foaming at the mouth with rage*

philosophy of mind aka 'the cuck's phenomenology'

The Sykes-Picot agreement divided my balls and gave one to my dick and one to my ass

Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Magical Realism

I would simply posit an even powerfuller magic AI from even further in the future that could beat Rokos Basilisk in a fistfight then travel back in time to give swirlies to every nerd who is scared of Rokos Basilisk

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