I want to see a full windup jaw-dislocating slap

Assigned nonbinary at birth, becoming the only cis enby

How cool would it be though if in a lab somewhere they designed fentanyl to be harmelss for normal people to touch but deadly to cops?

Type of loud anti-trans people on the internet who are certain that gender is a concrete biological fact that cannot be changed, yet terrified of being transed or put under the spell of hypno videos

You got me fucked up if you think I will ever closely examine my beliefs

I enjoy doing normal human hobbies such as consuming media, and creating tiny replicas of large things, I also enjoy, brands.


This image has caused significant psychological damage, and not-inconsiderable physical damage (I choked on my food when reading it)

Conservatives had people believing that a group who didn't even have enough MPPs to be recognized as an official party were the ones in government

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There's a recent hack that political parties have learned, pretending the other party is in power despite being in power themselves. It was used to great effect by the conservative party in Ontario a couple weeks ago, and it looks like the democrats are using it right now.

It works wonders for not having to actually do anything good, and shifting blame for anything that people don't like. Funneling anger from any side into ineffectual voting

Throwing my head back and silently screaming until something in my back cracks. It's called mindfulness

The Felix the Cat Movie was an absolute nightmare as a child. I can't tell you anything that happens in it besides the horrific accident that made the Duke of Zill have to wear a Vader/Mysterio suit.

Being transmisogyny exempt doesn't mean you don't get the transmisogyny, you just put that on your tax forms and the government gives you a cheque to make up for it in June

one day we'll figure out what the shit 'hermeneutics' means

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