Anime perverts are going to move from being weird about armpits to being weird about knees and elbows. It's coming.

Going into the YouTube app on my mom's tv and agressively pruning the algorithm, blocking channels and topics

Horny jail abolitionist arguing for horny restorative justice

Chrystia Freeland inviting Giorgia Meloni to the "girlboss grandchildren of fascists" groupchat

Cuba is undemocratic because they passed a law by plebiscite instead of bringing the matter to an unelected council of ancient priests

I have to assume that the libintern conference, if they even have the wherewithal to mount such an endeavour, consists entirely of the handshaking and photo op portion to the exclusion of all else

What if Niemann has the spirit of a great chess master inside him, like in Hikaru no Go?

Getting slowly poisoned by a bad bitch who wants my inheritance

real time conversational footnotes appearing in the corner of your vision

New York City gritty committee, pity the fool that
act shitty in the midst of the calm, the witty

i activated a bunch of random steam keys and i gotta say, this image has "3d poser porn imageset" energy


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