France just made it illegal to record police so they can get away with murdering minorities they don't like.


please world no need to restore America back in to looking like a Shining City On A Hill again, keep up the good fight, continue to be democratic & to question authority & check the states behavior. uggh this is so terribly regressive France, no!

@deathtoamerica does this apply to ring doorbells? Is that Amazon recording the police, the homeowners, or both?

@fudgel You can read their fucking minds? You must live in Monaco...

@deathtoamerica I can read original documents to check what legislation says. Confirm that in independent sources and not make conclusion based on a tweet screenshot.

@fudgel @deathtoamerica It seems based on what you linked and e.g.… (badly translated from French, and originally written by RT, but the relevant parts are quotes from various people) that the law is not yet finalized.

Proponents are claiming it will only be about publication, not recording. Depending on who you ask you may hear that what will be legislated against will be incitement to doxxing and violence.

Critics of the law are worried that regardless how it is implemented it will embolden officers who want to restrict recording and if those provisions were really all it were about, there's already law in place that covers that.

@clacke @fudgel @deathtoamerica Even in the form of referring to publishing videos it's still a pretty stupid law. It's unlikely it's not going to be used to deter some real journalism.

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