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New Pinned Tweet: If you have beef with Flowless, don't follow me. If you follow me anyway amd I find out you have beef, then I can't be held responsible for tearing into your ass.

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I am sure other people have given this tip here, just reupping it so you know (and also I am on team fuck paywalls and fuck intellectual property). Here is a page that helps you read articles under a paywall for free:

kink for being treated with respect, love, and dignity

there should be more holidays about things other than "America good" "troops are heros"

@Taweret I forget the specifics but an ad featuring him aired during the troubles and he quietly got retired, lol

@Taweret grimace had a cousin based on shamrock shakes who supported the IRA once back in the day or something

raising your kids to be right wingers is an act of extreme abuse, hope this helps

Lincoln didn't free shit.
New Afrikans liberated themselves in enough numbers that Lincoln tactically emancipated them to drive a wedge in the confederacy. Lincoln's plan was to deport all of them back to Afrika.

boosting both the pro SNL and the anti SNL posts to cause conflict

my polycule onboarding presentation is going on unhinged lore dumps on the deranged members of the

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