WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Elect Joe Biden was rushed to the hospital this afternoon after spraining his penis from what one aide described as a "24 hour J/O sesh"

Ah they let loose the Twitter "Anarchists" to attack Communism, that does not smell fishy as we are in the middle of an economic crisis.


*stares at "super progressive" California which has voted down at least two rent control measures in the past few elections*

@SeanAloysiusOBrien i can only read this map as someone frantically trying to make it look like things are okay in new york

@SeanAloysiusOBrien neutral colors, traditionally used in data representation to represent "no change" or "no data" in charts where color represents intensity of change, being instead used to mean "tens or hundreds of thousands of adults are about to become unhoused" is such a disingenuous choice on the part of the mapmaker, who made that decision

ah, bloomberg, that explains it

@SeanAloysiusOBrien i love how the colors go from blue to dark grey to red, implying that these numbers span good, neutral, and bad instead of all being bad

ah yes

this seems like a sustainable state of affairs

I sure am glad that the incoming president has concrete plans to address rent/mortgage payments under Covid

*touches earpiece*

ah, my mistake, he does not

you know that middle class is a useless term because people will use it to describe both people living paycheck to paycheck and people with seven-figure incomes who just happen to not be the richest person in their neighborhood

Hawaii, Decolonization 

These were often organized as 'hui' in Hawaii and are essentially worker coops.

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transit safe during covid-19 

"Researchers at Kyoto University made headlines months ago for their preliminary study of more than 3,000 early coronavirus cases, which found that, from January through April, no super-spreader events took place on public transportation."

"Of more than 150 super-spreader events in the French capital from May through June (defined as an occasion during which five or more people became infected after spending time in the same area) researchers found that none could be traced back to Paris’s public transportation system."

"Italy locked down some transit networks when it became a COVID-19 hotspot early in the pandemic. But as the weather warmed and cases subsided, commuters in Milan flocked back to trains — and positive cases didn’t spike."

"Perhaps the best argument for sticking to transit is that your chances of dying behind the wheel are likely way higher than your chances of contracting a fatal case of COVID-19 on a subway.

As the American Public Transportation Association pointed out in a recent report, “passengers are about 20 times more likely to experience a fatal crash in a car than when using public transit,” because of the dangers of the high-speed auto travel of typical American commuting. That’s before we even talk about drivers’ high rates of sedentary-lifestyle diseases and the long-term health effects of pollution and climate change."


fucked up that i could literally afford to form a corporation in delaware

im going to try to lab this later today, maybe i will stream it. i do not know shit about Les Miserables

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I'm going to tell you about Albanian conduct during WW2 in time for Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th Jan.

The raw figures are there were only 200 Jewish people living in Albania before the 1930s. After the war there were far more.

Albania was and is still a majority Muslim country. I only found about Albanian valour this year, perhaps you are only finding out now too. I would be amazed if the reason Albanian conduct isn't more widely known isn't islamophobia.

Fortunately Yad Vashem has you: yadvashem.org/yv/en/exhibition

There are many Muslims who are European and who are exemplars of the highest values that civil society treasures. Don't let anyone tell you different.

#Albania #HMD

The British Monarchy needs to be blown up by the IRA.... when

It is funny, before the "Soviet" Famine and "Holodomor" kulaks mass slaughtered 10s of millions of heads of cattle and sheep to avoid collectivization, yet this is never seen as a contributing factor. I mean Anti-Soviet Wikipedia with anti-Soviet sources acknowledges this incident right before the "Soviet" Famine and "Holodomor."

From the Kulak article on Jimmy Wales's propaganda site: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kulak

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