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PSA: If you are French and I do not follow you, then please don't reply to my toots unless you are saying "Samuel Paty getting his nugget chopped off was fucking awesome!!!!"

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Hello New users, just some things that will help you around Fedi.

Stalin = Good

Beware of Hans from Stuttgart

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I am sure other people have given this tip here, just reupping it so you know (and also I am on team fuck paywalls and fuck intellectual property). Here is a page that helps you read articles under a paywall for free:

thinking about the massive effort it takes for NATO leadershipโ€™s psychological operations to maintain its massive propaganda effort against the legacy of USSR against no active opposition just the weight of real history. Thinking about how NATOโ€™s oldest and richest member states probably spend more money per year fighting the propaganda war against USSR now than they ever did while USSR existed. softly Loling as I think about this

This seems to be the premise of a lot of written sci-fi on the topic: thereโ€™d be some publicized plan to try and preserve an elite-selected sliver of the human species and, barring some outsized result from an unforeseen cascade of events, the world would more or less accede. I wonder how much of that, though, is just a legacy of Western post-WWII Atomic Age fiction where great trust is put in the power of nerds to scientifically determine everything, including the moral necessity of mass deaths in the face of catastrophe, and where itโ€™s also taken for granted that the worldโ€™s leaders, outside of a few corrupt โ€œbad applesโ€, would follow whatever advice the nerds gave them.

whys that T Rex look circumcised from the neck up

The Nakba did not just happen 73 years ago, it is ongoing today. Zionist thugs are about to ethnically cleanse a Palestinian neighborhood in Al Quds and give it to settlers:

Begpost, Please Boost 

I'm really stressed about this bill in particular because i really don't wanna have to deal with possibly losing coverage when my husband has to drive an hour 1-way to get to work

i need $145 to cover our car insurance now

my commissions are open and discounted, DM if interested

otherwise any and all help is appreciated

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Trotsky was one of the people who voted in the unanimous vote to refuse Stalin's resignation btw

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lay your weary head to rest
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and now that i have your attention, here's some pictures of thanos's cock

excuse you, i'm a small business owner. my posting factory only has 3 paid employees

(none of the 49 interns who do the posting are paid)

the distinguishing line for โ€œsmall businessโ€ in most employee protection laws which exempt them is usually like 50 employees

the fact that USians equate โ€œsmall businessโ€ with โ€œone person working hard to support themselves and their familyโ€ is an intentional product of propaganda. one-person or family businesses without employees are largely an entirely separate thing and most small businesses arenโ€™t that.


When I hear the terms "collectivization" and "land redistribution" I get happy in places...

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