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apparently sniper shots are 1 hit kills in that gundam fps, so that seems normal

happy chaos is a character that's perfectly designed for like one god brained person to absolutely dominate with him

Ky vs Giovanna is a Ky-favored matchup on paper, I'm just saying,

i got bullied out of using my main because she's top tier so i am going to become a menace

I am against the death penalty

(China: sentences a corrupt politician to death for taking millions in bribes)


dank only logs in to thelocal when im not there THEYRE SCARED I CAN TELL

i know im spoiled cuz im like “oh, yea dodgers right? yea theyre in the playoffs right? i dont remember….”

I just want to put "commentator of the dank vs z ft3" on my resume

tekken: this is jim. he wears blue jeans

guilty gear: this is goldlewis dickinson. he is the secretary of defense of the united states and fights using an alien trapped in a coffin

prof: why are you all taking japanese

everyone else: i want to experience the media of glorious nihon in the original language

me: i wanted to take russian but then the CIA would kidnap me for knowing computers and russian

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i was the only one in my college japanese class that wasn't a weeb. it was terrible

japanese teacher: so why is everyone taking this class
me, who wants to be able to read the street signs in yakuza games: well,

maybe let's wait around another 80 years for the free market to improve in spite of the incentive of every rich person to just let everything get worse

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it's so funny that people are scared of economic planning. oh you mean the one thing that could actually fix anything that's wrong

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