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why didn't you assholes tell me 13 sentinels was a vanillaware game

there's so many stupid bugs that are just like gone now because we can actually implement stuff in normal ways

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dropping game maker for a custom engine was like taking off the training weights for me. we're implementing like 10 new features a day now

who let flowless pick up i-no. i'm never coming back to this game

dont remember where i posted my sf6 impressions but my take is that the game has way too many shader effects going on and it makes it insanely hard to read. guilty gear is a visually loud game but you always know what the animations are doing because they put a ton of work into making the attacks readable. sf6 looks like fucking soup. the controls feel like ass too

Guile in SF6 looks like a security guard or mall cop

in other news i am now an ordained minister. haters prepare to get funeraled

yare yare..- me when i see an anti communist dipshit reply

always very funny when im in the samurai gunn 2 weekly meeting and i'm like have you ever listened to [musician] and dose is like oh yeah i signed that guy

smokin on that shit that made them invent the knuckleball

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