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lmao majinobama got invaded in dark souls 2 and unplugged the internet cable from his playstation

majin obama counter streaming gdq. power move

i think it's good that every social media website blocks me unless i make an account, thus protecting me from being exposed to social media

it's really funny that there have been like 8000 pokemon games and every person who plays them has been playing them for 25 years but they still have a 3 hour long tutorial at the beginning where they show you how to catch one. you gotta respect nintendo's commitment to the bit.

might fuck around and make it so that no infrastructure is developed unless a small group of individuals directly profits from it. i sure hope this doesnt have any negative consequences for the structure of society!

remember when biden and harris campaigned on getting the pandemic under control. lol.

aw man i missed the dark souls race and now most of the day is taken up by a boring pokemon run. booo.

it's really annoying that people use steam reviews as a bug report system now

in their defense XNA's sprite batcher absolutely sucks ass. if you pass in a new texture to the sprite batcher's draw method it internally resets the pipeline state. this makes it easy to use but it teaches you nothing about how it is intended to be used efficiently. that's bad design

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I could easily do 11000 texture swaps per frame. this would be trivial for me

*me forcing the driver to store render target pixels 10000 times* hmm. why isnt this running good. must be the API's fault!

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one time someone reported that the FNA3D vulkan renderer was slow and it turned out they were doing 10000 texture swaps per frame

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one thing i've learned from game dev hobbyist chats is that people will go on and on about shit like how property function lookups are 4x more expensive than member variables (this is on the order of nanoseconds) and how you're a noob idiot for using them then their application code is littered with n^2 implementations and their renderer breaks the graphics pipeline state every three draw calls

i wonder if they're still offering porters flat rate development contracts to "control development costs"

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@dankwraith I made a guy called Daddy, played through the beginning bit, then I had him go to a town and get all the liquor he could and then take his clothes off and shoot people with fireballs until he got killed. Never played again.

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