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building angus a cat bed out of panettone to keep him nice and dry

every day i am awoken by jackhammers from the construction next door, i'm not mad, i'm actually laughing

the year is 2030. all programs have switched to a subscription model. it costs 1700 dollars a month to operate a computer

please i just want to answer regular style questions like "how do i batch sprite rendering"

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something i've noticed about amateur game devs is everyone once in a while one will get a bee in their bonnet about something really weird and tangential like controlling the mouse with a joystick or compiling everything statically so the folder doesnt have any dlls and waste like 2 months on that instead of like, making the game

ask your stupidest questions, it doesnt matter, i've seen worse

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i think the trick for dealing with your rage and frustration at being raised in a deranged wacko religious conservative group is to not let it become your whole personality

reading the book of the subgenius was actually a very formative experience for me but all the subgenius weirdos on here are hella annoying. in conclusion america is a land of contrasts

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i lie down in bed and the words "several cutscenes will play in sequence" appear before my eyes

i don't respect do nothing politicians. why seek power if you're gonna be a scared little bitch about it

liberal politicians wake up in a cold sweat at night after having a dream that someone accused them of doing something for political reasons

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if you ever wonder why liberals can't get anything done it's because they are terrified of anything they do being seen as politically motivated

me absolutely just pumping money into a system nonstop: holy shit its value is growing so much. holy shitt vro

i could solve the halting problem easily, but certain people have been a bitch to me, so i wont

mods, sabrina is once again demonstrating that she is better at math than me

dune 2 is gonna have a star wars crossover scene

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