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i can't really blame people for not knowing this stuff because there is very little high level information out there about how GPU architecture works, most people are just looking up how to do an individual draw call and go from there... but this is just one more reason why i don't think a programming culture full of self taught individuals is a very good idea

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every time someone is like "help me dankwraith my sprite game runs at 20FPS" and i look at the code and it's just foreach drawing every object in the game without any texture atlasing. yeah sorry, my renderer can't optimize you doing 10000 texture swaps per frame

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i rail against teaching object oriented programming as though its this universal default architecture because its so completely antithetical to performance. if you structure your renderer to just loop over every objects individual Draw method your performance will be worse than shit. 99% of writing a performant renderer is structuring to have as few render state changes as possible

Soy to the world!
Tofu has come
let Earth receive her beans

taking horse paste right after my covid shot to keep my ball size in perfect balance

foreach (GameObject obj in gameObjects)
obj.draw(batcher, ...)

bro. you have implemented immediate mode rendering. you are going to loose frames

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this post brought to you by seeing some of the worst rendering code i have ever seen in my life

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*puts down newspaper* i should write a graphics textbook

the problem is that you are essentially rendering in immediate mode my good bitch

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them: the FNA3D vulkan renderer is slow
me: how many texture swaps are you doing per frame
them: 10000
me: :jerry:

what if we added the among us guy to samurai gunn 2

honestly i think i manifested the idea that the covid vaccine gives you fat nuts disease into existence

that guy who told nicki minaj a bullshit excuse for why his balls swelled up must be really embarrassed right now

your jacking off. i'm jacking on. we are not the same

it would pi'ss me off if an app made changes to my device

unlocked a level of adhd where i remember to do things in the moment but i forget that i did them and have a panic until i realize that i remembered

none of my argentine ancestors were nazis so i'm putting that up as a W

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