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for me, this was the most important day of my life. but for you, it was only tuesday

40 steam reviews, 100% positive. could be better i guess

apparently the go off kings played our game on twitch today and i wanted to hear opinions on the game but the chat kept redeeming the "marge mode" incentive so the streamers were just talking in marge simpson voice for like an hour. 2021 is weird

i mean we are all insane perfectionists so, that definitely didn't make the game come out any faster lol

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the pandemic hit right as we were in negotiations for funding and it reeeeeally fucked us over

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it's funny how much of the press is like "sam gunn 2 has been in development forever" and honestly not really it's just that covid time dilation happened

I can't believe joe biden is making juan guaido a playable character in samurai gunn 2

when hayao wins i mutter to myself “your authority means nothing” in a mortal kombat kinda voice

i predict that this character is going to be the official monads lesbians character

there's something magical about how you can suddenly stand still in samurai gunn 2 and that's tech

legend of the five rings: "for instance, in the Void approach the character might suddenly stand still in a fight to surprise the opponent"

me: "thats silly. thats stupid. no one would actually do that"

SAMURAI GUNN 2: [people literally standing still as a mixup]

me: "this makes total sense. this game is perfect"

thanks to everyone who checked out gunn 2 today, it's only gonna get better from here

samurai gunn 2 online username of the night would probably have to be "jeb bush gaming"

hooooh what a good game. samurai gunn 2 is one of the fighting games of all time

the extra n in samurai gunn 2 is for extra nine men's morris

director had a pops mirror match going vs a rando online and the rando got the final kill, and picked up his severed head while the camera zoomed in. we all lost our shit lmao

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