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i asked this one thai place to give me 8 out of 10 spicy and i was fucking sweating. still finished it tho

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i am on an endless quest for spicy food. the only shit that can even scratch me any more is thai food

*pointing at your compiler artifacts* you gonna eat that?

thinking about the guy who discovered soap. oh yeah lets mix this super toxic substance that melts your skin with some animal fat and then rub it all over my skin. absolute madman

cruising for milfs at the melinda gates residence

whenever i understand a french post i cross myself and say 3 hail marys

not enough people are talking about how i am 'okay'

thinking about how myspace tom is just chilling and not having to give congressional hearings or grapple with how his website is now a rotting open infected sore on society


your haters do not move silent, like the 'g' in lasagna.

they are instead loud and awful, like unattended children in the laundromat.

also, who poo'd on the floor of the laundromat?

driving my 2009 nissan sentra into the lobby of the LAPD headquarters in minecraft

Mastodon is Crumbling--And Many Blame The Fact That I Drove My 2012 Nissan Versa Through Its Load Bearing Support Beam

me seeing that my compiler outputs errors listing the wrong lines: that's fine. the users will figure it out

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i think it's epic that the line numbers in the game maker shader compiler have an off-by-one error

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