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even things like the health bar are lies. lets say you are at 40% and your opponent is at 10%, you get impatient and rush in with an obvious attack and eat a reversal super. you just lost the game

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a lot of people get stuck thinking about fighting game matchups as character vs character, this is false, there is a person playing as them

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a lot of people try to force the win when you're at low health and start eating huge counters, you just simply cant do that, this is not that kind of game

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played more strive tonight, i am losing the first round and then picking up the next two really often which tells me this is a game that rewards you for reacting to your opponent and adapting your game plan

☑️ do not want to see or be seen by ky players

@dankwraith pot busters are like a fine wine. opened rarely and savored carefully

me: my defense is strong as fuck. i will never get opened up


me: *mind broken*

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i am still getting used to throws countering close range pressure in strive, that shit is strong as fuck

when flowless plays grapplers he is like no one i have ever played because he doesnt mainly use the grapple moves, he will throw one in when you least expect it to completely break your mind

my win rate against randoms online: ~80%

my win rate against flowless: like 10%

been maining ramlethal in strive beta, its crazy how they completely changed her moveset but the game plan is the same (mid-long range pokes, open the opponent up, get them in the corner and nonstop pressure)

strive will not let me connect to millia players, it is some kind of curse

i hope the guy who does the announcer voice for all the guilty gear games is having a great day

i am willing to acknowledge that street fighter 3rd strike had some good qualities and i just didnt like the game personally but SF4 and 5 were just trash

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