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it was honestly iconic of both dankmin and also z to sell their cars off like a month before a global pandemic when public transit shut down

i hate when these people try to get on me about saying Mexico is a nationality not a race and then the white Mexicans roll thru trying to complain about my Spanish. Shut the fuck up, i dont respect colonizer languages. im not going to write or say things the "right" way (the white way)

tooth of snail and leg of gnat
this spell will make your pito flat

mentally gearing myself up for a trip to the post office tomorrow

i would once again like to reiterate my position that it's not really on people to act respectable towards you when you come take a shit on their identity

another thing strive does really well compared to other fighters is visually communicate the important mechanics. counter hits are super important in basically every fighting game but a lot of players won't learn that. in strive the whole game slows down and a giant COUNTER appears on the screen so you go oh shit that's really important, i should not let that happen to me

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like i am a fighting games old head and i dropped UNIST because i would go online and lose 20 times in a row to flashy unreadable mixup setups that i needed an encyclopedia to learn, how do you expect this genre to attract new players

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at the end of the day i think fighting games should reward you for reading your opponent and employing your abilities smartly more than your ability to make cool looking combo videos, if you want fighting games to be accessible to more people than just dorks like me who started learning them 20 years ago you have to give people the ability to perform decently without investing 100 hours into the game first

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like it is way more satisfying to burn 50% meter on a solid counter hit into reversal super and have it do huge damage instead of being rewarded mostly for your ability to lab out optimal combos. i will be crucified for this opinion by the FGC but i am right, fighting games in the 2010s were impossible to learn mostly because of this

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people are complaining about short combo strings but tbh i am pretty tired of picking up a new fighter and having to memorize 15 hit block strings for each character, it makes defense so much more manageable and easier to know when to take your turn

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i wonder if GG Strive will finally break the touch of death combo spell that has taken over fighting games since MvC2

why am i suddenly getting marketing emails from michael's

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