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guard: hey! you're not supposed to be here! whats your name

me: uhh.... mort.... garson

they call the c++ standard lib std because it sucks, infects anything unprotected, and is annoying to get rid off

I (34M) found out my wife (21F) follows grimes on twitter. Being a tech graduate, I naturally gravitate (no pun intended) towards being a SpaceX nerd, so I follow Musk. I realise that Musk may have been "simping" for Grimes, but as the worlds richest man I think he's above this.

Which is why I was ecstatic for him to unfollow his femoid wife! It made my day more than I can really put into words! As the man of the house, he should show Grimes who's boss.

But the problem lies with my wife thinking it's still okay to follow Grimes on twitter, I believe this is some sort of girl power act? I'm not sure whether to speak with her or take her car and park it beside a cliff with the handbrake off, since I use the car (and technically she pays for everything on it). What do I do?

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nintendo are cowards who just make 200 mario games a year instead of a new f zero game

sorry if you asked me to do anything in the past day, i caught adhd and completely forgot about it

decided im gonna get selling my labor!

#EnVideo 📹 | Vicepdta. Ejecutiva: El modelo de Venezuela frente a la COVID-19 desnudó el mundo capitalista


dishonored 2 spoilers 

the way things change scene to scene as a result of your choices is so cool. the dust district completely changing as a result of saving aramis stilton blew my mind. still dont understand how this game got panned like it did, maybe people just played it once or something? everything about this game screams multiple playthroughs to me, i beat it three times already and i havent even touched non-stealth or like 75% of the void powers

once you've been frog dogged there's no way back, my apologies

smoking a big ass kush blunt to cure my case of society

yall is rapidly deteriorating from a friendly word to a condescension word. come on people dont ruin this one for me.


if anything good came out of this shithouse of a week it is that some politicians seem to have been reminded of their mortality

you are trying to turn me into a catboy? nice try, nya!

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