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the touhou guy has basically been remixing and refining the same game design for 25 years and when he's not writing music or programming he just enjoys drinking beer and honestly, goals

wikipedia really does suck in some major key ways, every time i read a math or philosophy article on there it's pretty much embarrassingly bad

accusing my dad of vvhite privilege when he pulls a "get out of jail free" card as we're playing Monopoly

i think i might have to switch to non-english voices in genshin because fischl's crow pronounces "mein fraulein" like chow mein

the odds of my computer locking up during a half second git operation are astronomically low. shit luck

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time to rewrite my skybox implementation that i lost yesterday. sigh.

apparently cats love nutritional yeast and it makes their coats shiny. i wonder if ume would like it

damn i should have gotten on the electric razor train years ago. i gave myself a really thin mustache and it looks good

this weekend i think we need to pay mind to a demographic that has been seriously impacted by the effects of covid. thats right, i am talking about home burglars

i think i need to figure out a schedule for myself. this la tee da shit ive been doing since covid started isnt good for me

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im getting a weird green screen crash and it happens on both windows and linux and even after updating the GPU BIOS. im starting to think its my memory XMP overclock...

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ughhhhhh i got my skybox implementation working and my computer crashed in the middle of a git stash pop and corrupted the refs.... lost three hours of work

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was wondering why my skybox was all black and after an hour i realized i was culling back faces. graphics programming rules

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