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i heard the teens are getting into early 2000s indie so i am ready to get dragged

Ooooh. Someone has just alerted me to the metalcore band Bloodywood. Check out some Indian #metal!

decided im gonna weave in more spanish shitposts to keep everyone on their toes

very happy the semen-retention subreddit didn't get banned in that purge

theres like no fireworks tonight. what happened. did they run out?

my partner says i was cheap for using the shield rod + alucard shield in sotn but they put it in the game why wouldn't i use it

i was exactly 19 years old and had been playing Castlevania SOTN for like 3 years already before I realized Alucard was just Dracula backwards.

me as a kid: i'm gonna be an astronaut or something when I grow up

me as an adult: which kind of rectangle is best. is it slightly wide or very wide

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think i might stop eating garlic so that i can get dracula to eat my #ass

Wood Carving Partita

the harpsichord in this song fucks

my spanish accent basically sounds like italian thanks to my accursed argentine origin

Dance of Pales is Michuru Yamane's premiere song about fucking skeletons

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