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intercepting a jump is a culmination of gathering A LOT of data on an opponent. you have to understand why they would jump there. you have to give them a reason to jump. you have to put a lot on their mind with how you fight them to make them forget they should not jump there.

its a deeply layered thing, and its extremely my shit.

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when they said i only had to work 5 hours today i took off so fast i left a dust cloud silhouette like looney tunes

rip to traditional masculinity but im different

i wanna paint my nails like sparkly purple or some shit

it's gonna be so cool to not vote for joe biden

getting zooted off ammonia smell from this bleach kit

you reap what you sow which is why you’re tilling nothing but beans, ruffian

bonus selfie 

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people who think infighting is a uniquely leftist thing clearly dont know any right wingers. all the conservatives i know would easily get in a screaming match with each other about if water is wet or if the sky is blue

woke up at noon with a version of otis redding in my head called "(sittin on) the dick of the bae"

i need someone to yell at me if i dont reorganize my room this weekend


i love when they put a trance gate in techno music. that is my fucking shit. i go fucking wild when i hear a trance gate

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