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ok i kind of Went Off there for a second sorry.

please, i am fucking begging you, when you play a game please try to think of a single thing that isnt just in relation to how fun the game is or isnt, theres visual language, there is the mechanics of the game and how that relates to its themes, there are so many fucking things you can think about

i havent read ONE critical opinion that points out the irony of the "private" room being the place where Sam's bodily fluids are collected for analysis and is constantly invaded by holograms of the other characters, and that Sam's relentless breaking of the fourth wall in that room and that room alone implies that he is aware of the fact that he is being monitored. you utter fucking morons

we deserve our reputation in games as trashy kid toys. fuck me

its so FUCKING frustrating to me that a big budget game with incredibly strong theming and something to actually say finally comes out and the critical consensus is that it sucks because you dont feel like an epic super badass every minute of playing it

oh you dont like death stranding bennett foddy? maybe you would have liked it more if it narrated all the themes to you in sarcastic voiceover?

the state of game crit is pitiful because any time somebody makes anything remotely challenging (in terms of subverting design expectations) or interesting the entire critical apparatus turns their noses up at it. remember when critics panned dark souls and then it influenced every game designer on earth? lmao

i made the mistake of reading some critical opinions about death stranding and i remembered why i gave myself the policy of not reading any game crit ever

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its totally possible to do a superhero game without going "hey remember that thing? hey remember that guy???" have some damn respect for yourself.

Batman TAS was mature because it told interesting self contained stories and didnt treat the audience like idiots. it was dark without being edgy. the licensed games should have focused on trying to tell an interesting story within that world rather than cramming in as many fan nods as possible

the rocksteady arkham games were so close to being the perfect Batman TAS game adaptation but they were too stuck on 2010s edgy grimdark and trying to shoehorn every single character in the entire series into the games for no reason

game concept: batman universe but you dont play as batman, you play as a civilian who is trying to become the gray ghost

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this is your regular reminder that yellow magic orchestra whips ass

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"we want to do this ambitious gameplay idea!" 😃

"as an MMO!" 😬

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attaching a mask to my ass so the tigers don't sneak up on me

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