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theres a few new electric bus loops downtown that come every 7 minutes and it whips ass

writing an exegesis on garf's "pussy like a fucking lawnmower" post

"dude this sucks." - me if jurassic park was happening

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im just surprised because i assume at this point that they know my entire life story so they can squeeze the dollars out of me

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my health insurance company keep pestering me by text to get on food stamps, like i literally dont qualify lol leave me alone

thank you for joining me while i livetoot spacemen 3's perfect prescription

shake it
shake it baby
shake it baby shake it
shake it baby shake
shake baby shake
shake it baby :possum:

i have a passion sweet lord
and it just wont go away :possum:

my appreciation for spacemen 3's perfect prescription has matured over time like a fine wine

I would still be real pissed if jurassic park happened to me

I just blocked a bloodyfool for saying chickenbiryani is stupid!

damn its crazy that we live in a world where people have played death stranding

just saw a comment on a spacemen 3 song on youtube that said "were they high when they recorded this?" like buddy do you know which band youre listening to

ah take me for a ride
take me to the other side :possum:

i execute a perfect get-up attack every time i wake up in the morning

if you are at all concerned about privacy or security on mastodon, join or make an instance that does this:

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