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having too much money literally ruins your life and destroys you as a human. look at notch

was it self loathing or was it actually bad? who knows...

all i did with my free time for like 4 years was record music and i hated all of it lol

its cool how all the gamers on twitter who for years made me terrified to speak my mind for fear of losing my job are really mad about chinese censorship right now

HOLD ME BACK BRO! HOLD ME BACK! i scream. my bro nods and from then on he talks shit about my dreams whenever i'm in the room. he knows it hurts me, but it's what i wanted

google literally cant do anything right anymore they are a joke

lmao i just made a new gmail and the "welcome to gmail" email was flagged as spam

HOLD ME BACK BRO!! HOLD ME BACK i scream. nobody is in the room

"stay in your own lane"
- centers car culture
- not funky
- ignores the fact that most people upon driving immediately desire to kill all others on the road no matter what
"Stay in your own train car"
- pro train, envisions a bright future
- funky
- most trains do not inspire people to kill


by rip i mean im just gonna sell it on CL, i bet someone who likes to fix bikes would have a great time with it but i just do not have the time for repairs

i dunno if people know about indiebound but you can buy books from your local book stores through it and it's pretty good for dodging the general horribleness of amazon imo

i decided im gonna replace my 50 year old road bike that i bought for a hundred bucks a decade ago, rip you were a real one

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