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every time someone makes a post that i dont like or understand it is a personal slight against me. everyone should only make posts for me specifically

@kelbesque @fructose_dealer WAIT

Fedora Manbussy VIII was a 17th century French noble known for wearing multiple fancy hats simultaneously.

lots of noobs hating on mario karts revolutionary graphical style. i guess my galaxy brain is just more advanced than yours

therapist: hieroglyphic monads aren't real. they can't hurt you.

hieroglyphic monads:

you bastard americans. i'm pissed off this time

Please donate to the Patreon for "talking jre with jer and kai"

if i have to read the phrase "gaming's #metoo movement" one more time i am going to slam dunk the entire earth into the sun

every time someone new boosts the space cuck post i increase in power

getting absolutely roasted by wintgenstein on the tl

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