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every time someone makes a post that i dont like or understand it is a personal slight against me. everyone should only make posts for me specifically

@kelbesque @fructose_dealer WAIT

Fedora Manbussy VIII was a 17th century French noble known for wearing multiple fancy hats simultaneously.

lots of noobs hating on mario karts revolutionary graphical style. i guess my galaxy brain is just more advanced than yours

you bastard americans. i'm pissed off this time

Please donate to the Patreon for "talking jre with jer and kai"

if i have to read the phrase "gaming's #metoo movement" one more time i am going to slam dunk the entire earth into the sun

every time someone new boosts the space cuck post i increase in power

getting absolutely roasted by wintgenstein on the tl

making direct sequels to defunct game series as a joke is an incredible thing to do

sorry babe you know not to bother me when i'm rocking out to motley crue

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