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skanking like an absolute villain to the mega man x soundtrack

PSA for fellow men 

@dankwraith fursonas are star signs but for furries wait,

the year is 2069. every citizen is assigned a government selected fursona at birth

If I ever say "not all men" I am specifically talking about Guy Fieri :flavortown:

writing a firefox extension that plays an airhorn sound every time conner makes a post

it's only spaghetti if it comes from the spaghett region of Italy, otherwise it's sparkling ramen

PSA for fellow men 

PSA for fellow men 

writing hard boiled detective fiction featuring long johnson and don piano

it's-a-me, old mario *feebly steps on goomba* I cant-a retire

a string of imaginary friends have been found brutally murdered in gangland style fingergun executions

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