i decided to take a bath tonight and ume was Very concerned about why i would choose to submerge my entire body in water

i dont know what the fuck a super straight is and i dont want to know, i will beat your ass

sometimes your psyche gives you dreams about your deepest-seated repressions, fears, hopes, and dreams, and sometimes you get a week of recurring dreams where you're beating the shit out of donald trump

caves of qud was right. i dont have "anxiety" my psychic glimmer is simply too high and am having my mind sundered by seekers of the sightless way

so apparently the call to boycott amazon from march 7 to 23 in solidarity with alabama warehouse workers was made without the knowledge of the retail, wholesale, and department store union al.com/news/birmingham/2021/03

every time i get done with the home church my family makes me do i loudly announce i am going back to my room to practice homosexuality

shop talk 

im a slut for electroharmonix pedals but i wish they didnt have the fuckin weird power inputs

The Hanged Man likes it. He wants to be there. He's just vibing.

i have decided to embrace mads description of me as the dhampir house musician at a speakeasy

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