one of those "why I got vaccinated" ads except one of the guys in the ad goes "because I heard covid makes your dick limp"

@georgespolitzer i would hate it if it were easy to get an education. this would never benefit the working class!

not only do i have nose hairs, but they are turning grey

hiring a skywriter to spend an hour up in the air spelling out an entire EULA that allows me to harvest the personal data of anyone in the city that happens to look up this afternoon.

JC Denton from Deus Ex voice Do you have a single fact to back that up?

@kara @galaxgal i don't know how i beat the shadow temple as a kid, it made me want to pee my pants

my entire life is up in the air in a very annoying way so i'm gonna listen to dub music really loud

back on my bullshit (installing font ligatures)

i WILL miss what's happening. i WILL NOT try the app

@heartles i am trying it. pretty cool but it's qt based which is pretty rough on gnome desktop

@kate since when does this country give a shit about what kids want

@heartles this is completely ridiculous, and i also want to try it

someone cold emailed me about game maker consulting. why can't someone slide into my inbox asking me if i can do cool things like write a threaded renderer for them

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