@greatjoe oh my god youre right the japanese version sounds fucking amazing

@greatjoe oh shit did they add custom audio chips to the japanese version?

i dont think people really understand the limitations of classic audio hardware. like on an NES you have 5 channels and they are each locked to a particular sound wave generator. that's it.

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playing castlevania 3 for the first time. the musicians on this series were just flexing at this point

white boomer at the supermarket holding a can of goya in one hand. bushs baked beans in the other. conflicted.

if i ever cant find my cat all i have to do is sit on the toilet

so you want to make games? step 1: make an eternal pact with a demon

this “Beginner’s Guide to Making Games” on Gamasutra suggests GameMaker as one of the engines and I can already hear @dankwraith loading their shotgun

do the people who make medical diagrams know they look like shitposts

its almost adorable to me when people now are like i dont want to eat properly or sleep... i'm like yes, welcome to having depression, i have lived here for decades

still cannot believe extinct got the comeback grand slam in the 9th inning with two outs. that is pure ice coldness under pressure

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