if you put 1000 mpmleys in a room for infinite time they would eventually write a post so woke that it could go viral on tumblr

@redcosmonaut everyone says lana del rey is the joker for girls but it was really nancy sinatra

remembering the time someone in the town facebook group had an exceptionally normal one

@extinct @dankwraith from the shadows of the cave mouth, a figure in traveling leathers and rainbow striped leggings approaches the little circle of golden light. "we never knew we were night crew," she says uncertainly. "we just heard the legends, same as everyone. but we saw your fire, shining out into the dark, and all at once we...just knew." she sits down and reaches out to the warmth of the flames. "there's no place we'd rather be."

i wish gamers had gotten this mad when blizzard did mass layoffs after making record profits

the night crew has been scattered to the four winds. one man, the dankwraith, seeks to reunite them

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