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None of y'all have been to Arkansas despite the fact that it's one of the most beautiful places in this country. You have no idea and you make jokes about people missing teeth or whatever

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@Thomas i visited arkansas 4 years ago and its one of the most beautiful places i have been on earth no joke

i mean like half of the members are landlords or in the pockets of property developers so its not like im surprised

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our useless city council voted down a rent freeze proposal

to people who were sending brooko "supportive DMs" when me and a few others politely asked her to check her privilege last night... just admit that you dont give a shit about people experiencing casual racism on here and unfollow me please

@bogperson420 oh wow you share a birthday with my girlfriend. sorry you get to have a birthday during world weird hell time.

@witchfynder_finder @dankwraith true inspiration comes not from the brain, nor the heart but from the #ass

hideo kojima, a japanese man who writes and directs video games, understands american politics and culture exponentially more than any harvard educated dick shitters on a newspaper editorial board

anyway between metal gear solid 2 basically predicting all post 9/11 american politics and death stranding, if hideo kojima could stop doing the lathe of heaven to us that would be cool

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his next game had better be about catgirls, is all i can say.

it must feel really weird to be hideo kojima and have released a massive ambitious game about social distancing three months before this shit went down

emo: it is time for me to rise from my grave
covid-19: oh no you fucking dont

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