the al pastor was fucking perfect. no idea how they nailed that

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"i don't know karate - but i know ca-ray-zy!" -james brown

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welcome to my BLOG: Bitch logging on, geewhiz!

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i was so pissed when that USC student group made a straight adaptation of thoreau's walden. i was like its fucking 2014 and you're in art school cant you deconstruct this yet

@Aleums @garfiald yeah it has a lot of emersonian values built into it

cw gaming 

@garfiald this is more tangential to your point but pathologic 2 is absolutely the Great Russian Novel of games

@garfiald yeah this was a shitpost but the more i think about it the more it kind of works lol

minecraft is the great american novel. i will not be elaborating on this

@BDA @PhoebeWallerPalladino this kind of indicates to me that people who act really out of pocket online usually have some shit going on offline

i have a catholic friend and apparently all the boomers are complaining that the archdiocese asked people to keep wearing masks to mass. isn't the point of catholicism that the church is supposed to be a religious authority that you respect lol. you're just protestants now

is it just me or is there a weird correlation between soff fren posting and aiming the horny shotgun at literally everyone

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