now that i've reworked the renderer i have expanded the lighting system to include more objects

a military convoy has been ambushed in france. the team immediately encounters 3 squads of aliens. the team sets up position but is severely outnumbered. foggy succumbs to sustained fire from 4 thin men. the team battles desperately and literally everyone is injured. Z and morgan are sniping like crazy and maxine flanks several thin men while sindemore lays down suppression. somehow everyone else makes it out alive

rip foggy o7

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alien terror attack in sao paolo

we immediately get ambushed by 4 chrysalids, fortunately transclosure gets an amazing crit reaction shot and kills one instantly. the other three get taken down by regular gunfire.

there are 7 floaters in the map, they just start running around and shooting civilians. we managed to save 7 civilians, not great but not too terrible. a few close calls but the squad all survives

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the UFO lands in germany. we encounter seekers! two of them start suffocating maxine and toroidal, horsefucker thicc shoots the one grabbing maxine and maxine frees toroidal with a shotgun blast. the third one grabs toroidal again but maxine blasts it away.

the team engages a squad of thin men. transclosure gets a lucky crit and the other one gets picked off by penelope. the next one escapes into the woods. suddenly the squad is flanked from behind by a sectoid squad, but two get picked off immediately by reaction shots.

the last thin man is in the UFO. maxine approaches while transclosure nabs it. the outsider gets activated but it's in a good position. BDA lays down heavy suppressing fire while the team advances. maxine misses a 90% shot

suddenly, BDA runs out of ammo. maxine goes for the kill but is unsuccessful. the outsider crits BDA and kills him instantly

RIP o7

maxine finishes off the outsider and the mission is won

transclosure and toroidal have picked up nicknames

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sectoid gets caught out by luigi and em's overwatch. mission complete, ADOM is saved by gonzo

em -> scout
morgan -> sniper
luigi -> gunner
gonzo -> medic
lexi -> rocketeer

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foggy -> infantry
BDA -> gunner
romario -> scout
heartles -> assault
maxine -> assault

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our first string is all wounded and fatigued so we're sending in the rookies for an abduction in sydney australia

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